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Do more of what makes you happy, for us that’s Chess

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What is Chess Lab?

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What We Do

Private Chess Lessons.

Join Us and learn to play chess with the best teachers. We teach the most basic rules of chess.

Interactive Group Chess Lessons.

With our fully-integrated, interactive group chess lessons- mastering in chess is now fun, easy and guaranteed.

Chess Tournament

At chess lab, we run high-profile tournaments at various levels. Compete in official chess tournaments.

About Us

Chess Lab is a prominent Chess Coaching Centre in Dubai, a preferred choice for many to establish young and healthy minds for a better tomorrow. We offer professional courses with high-quality lessons and methodized plans for the improvement of the students. Our chess lessons are efficient and aim to bring maximum knowledge to the students within a minimum time period. We provide Private Chess Lessons and Interactive Group Chess Lessons.

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Mission Statement

To create a strong chess culture in Dubai. To be game-changers in the way chess is taught. To be at the fore-front in taking chess to the next level. To simplify the way, the most magnificent game in the world is played and to make it a beautiful form of socialization.

Our Values

  • Community
  • Empowerment
  • Education

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Chess Lab gives you the opportunity to have fun